Cold Truth

T.A. Chase

Customer & Industry Reviews of Cold Truth

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  Review by Love Bytes

The plain fact is that this book was everything I was hoping it would be. It gives answers, lets us have a few resolutions, and while not everything is perfect or wrapped up in pretty bows, I like it. A lot. This has been a really interesting series and I’ve grown to love the men who star in these books. I especially love how right and wrong are never as clear as you think they should be, and the some of the best characters are those who are not good guys. These books don’t sugar coat the realities of what these characters are and do, but Victor and Perez are by far the most interesting because of it. I like them because they are not what you expect, but exactly what you are craving.

  Review by Multitasking Mommas

This is a story so strong, I have to admit, this is my favorite of the series. Victor is just who he is and more while Bieito is revealed to be the strongest. The love these two hold for each other, they will cross paths with a bullet and more to keep each other safe. This is the book that made me realize: TA Chase now belongs to that favorite authors list of mine.

  Review by Terri

I am happy to say that Cold Truth more than goes the distance. Having just finish the book, I still have tears in my eyes. The book grabbed me from the begining, and never turned me loose. I highly recommend this book, but be sure to start from the beginning of the series. T A Chase has left me once again with anticipation for a future Delarosa book.

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Vibrating with sexual tension Cold Truth consistently blazes with passion and drama. Book three in the Delarosa Secrets series pits Victor and Bieito against a rival with deadly results. The scandalous romance is mesmerizing. Their pulse pounding race to save Victor’s son makes Cold Truth an absolute page turner. Scant back story is the only problem in an otherwise addictive story. Trying to place secondary characters slows the pacing at times. Nevertheless, Cold Truth is a carnal, electrifying tale of love. Dangerously sexy.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Even though the book mainly focuses on Victor, the man. you never forget that other side so it’s hard to feel sorry for him, for what he is going through. However, I do have to add the author does a great job not just in this book, but in the previous ones setting ground work, that leads us to believe that maybe Victor is starting to feel, it’s time, that he wants more, and he want’s it with his long time lover, Bieito. It was entertaining.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This book was between Victor and Bieito.  I truly loved how devoted to each other they were.  Victor was able to withstand Bieito's unwavering love, even in the face of not wanting to show weakness. I loved the result and I hope that it shows that there might be a "in the future" book for some of the characters.

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