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Lily Harlem

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  Review by Sean Michael

In Dark Warrior, Lily Harlem brings the heat – in more ways than one. Set in Kenya, both the local weather and the attraction between Leo and Malik are hot, hot, hot. I’m not going to give anything away, but suffice it to say that Kenya meets the UK and explosions occur and lust becomes more. With an exotic locale and plenty of hot sex scenes, Dark Warrior was a fun, sexy read.

  Review by GGR Review

This isn’t your typical romance, the setting is different, the culture is different, and the characters are different. Leo and Malik are also Bi Racial, and I appreciated the diversity.

The story is diverse in it’s story as it is with it’s characters. The author did an exceptional job of using the beauty of the area alongside the ruggedness of life. It made me appreciate a culture that doesn’t have the conveniences that so many of us take for granted, yet these people were truly happy. I didn’t need to picture in my head what I thought it was like, all I had to do was read the words and the story did it for me. Absolutely brilliant!

Their coming together was amazing. It was so damn realistic it was 2 mature men getting together, the sex was great.  Something I felt so important, even though they were lovers I got the feeling that they were also friends. It was through how comfortable they were with each other when left to relax and be themselves, unencumbered by villagers and just left to be themselves. I cannot recommend this book enough, Lily Harlem continues to amaze me with her writing style and stories.

  Review by HJ Perry

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading romance. I could totally imagine being in the places and involved in the events described. The characters were entertaining and I liked them. It was a realistic story. I was also very interested in the interview with the author. It answered many of the questions that go through my mind when reading stories like this.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

The relationship between the two men is tender and the author’s descriptions of the Kilimanjaro foothills are beautiful.  She explores rural poverty sensitively and poignantly, without pity or sentimentality.  Malik and the people of his village retain dignity and humanity.

But honestly, I fell hard for both of these men:  the patient, humble doctor and the fierce, moral and gentle nurse.  I love the way the author brings Kenya to life, and I love the realism of the tiny village hospital, its patients and its staff.

  Review by Karen Shenton

This is a scorching hot M/M story. Leo travels to Kenya to work as a doctor in a small township. Malik is the local nurse/teacher/hunter who immediately captures Leo's interest. The story flows along nicely and builds the sexual tension steadily. The sex scenes are as sweltering as the African sun and leave you breathless. The epilogue is especially satisfying. Another steamy book from this fabulous writer.

  Review by Ali Greig

I am still relatively new to the M/M books but this one was a cracker! Opposites attract - although both in the medical profession Leo & Malik are from two separate worlds- one where Leo can be open about who is his and one where Malik has to keep it to himself. The heat coming off the pages in this book is not just limited to the Kenyan sunshine - the tension & the heat between Leo & Malik was off the scale - especially the scene between them after one is stung and they are not aware of each others sexuality. Malik was a surprise - I didn't expect him to be the 'filthy' one! :) Lily paints a stunning picture of Kenya - the people and it's landscape. I was grateful for the epilogue - normally Lily's leaves you wanting more from her characters but the conclusion to the story was perfect!

  Review by Redz World

There is a lot I learned reading this book, about the people and the relationships they have. I really felt like the author did her home work, she made me feel a part of the village and invested in them and their lives too. I really liked the pace of this book, not too fast not too slow. It starts out as friends that turn to be lovers, the best relationships start that way. When you want a sweet romance this is the one to pick up.

  Review by Tracy Gee

I have read a few books in the ‘What’s his Passion’ collection and each book is very different. This one has to be my favourite book so far. The author did a fantastic job with her descriptions of village life.There is a strong storyline and plot that is very easy to follow, making the book an easy read. I found the sub-characters interesting, they added to my enjoyment while reading. I connected to both the main characters straight away, which is a big plus for me.

  Review by Divine Magazine

Lily creates such strong characters and the story is so well written that I can almost imagine I’m there. Will Leo and Malik survive the dangerous encounter? If so, can they then find a way to stay together? I recommend you read this romantic thriller for yourself and find out.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

My first Lily Harlem book and I certainly enjoyed this story. The heartache that Leo went through prior to even coming to Kenya and the hopefulness of a fresh start on life that the trip would give him once it was over. Then you have Malik his devotion to his family, his village that has been running his life for years. And when Malik and Leo finally realize they are of like mind, the sexual chemistry is off the charts! Then you have the secondary characters all just make a well rounded story. The descriptions of the wildlife and surrounding nature, the hospital and village, even the bumpy road, just beautifully done. 

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