Life Under New Management

Jane Davitt

Customer & Industry Reviews of Life Under New Management

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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

I was extremely impressed on the author’s clear knowledge of BDSM as well as her relationship development. It was not rushed as I find with some other stories. She seem to take her time and really build up the bond required between the two characters. This made it very believable in my eyes. I even enjoyed how frenzied Andy seems at times to submit to Ethan yet he keeps a cool head. I can say that if anyone is looking for a high quality BDSM story this one is a must read.

  Review by Jesse Wave

If you are a fan of BDSM and like the dynamic of a sadomasochistic power exchange, this book was written especially for you. You are going to love it! The added bonus is the intense emotion and romance that had me swooning. Highly recommended!

  Review by The Romance Reviews

I love watching two people who are truly meant for each other find their happiness together. I adored this sexy romance with its amazing dialogue that convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that these two men were meant for each other. I couldn't put the book down until I finished it.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

I simple loved it! Andy is this insecure, messed up out of control and out of work gay guy that by the time his job interview with Ethan is complete he’s hard as a rock and is having fantasies about his new boss. What’s not to LOVE! And all Ethan can see is this HAWT mess of a young thing that he wants to, control, wax, and smack and well you know….. The control Ethan places over Andy’s life is not just in the bedroom, it’s everywhere. From his diet, to his organizational skills, everything and Andy just soaks it up. I think that’s what I enjoyed most about this book compared to other BDSM books I’ve read, this one was more about the D/s side in life (although, we do get it in the bedroom) I also liked that we had a story going on, and secondary characters that meant something to that storyline.

  Review by Sinfully Sexy Reviews

These are two men I’m not going to forget in a hurry. They are without a doubt both complex and flawed and we can see from the start that their journey is not going to be an easy one. I felt for these men and yes, I had a tear or two at the rawness of the emotion, their soul bearing was so emotive that tissues were definitely needed. Amongst that we also have humour and passion and plenty of kinky fuckery that was an absolute delight to read… who am I kidding… it was bloody HOT. This is a fabulous read from Jane Davitt… I just got so excited at the dynamics of these two men I read it in one sitting!

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

I adored this book; I just wanted to get that out straight away. It was nothing like I expected, it was unusual, intense and very erotic. I loved everything about this book, I raced through it and for me it’s summed up in Ethan’s reply when Andy asks Ethan if he really wants him to move in, after all Ethan’s use to his own space. Ethan replies: “It would feel empty without you”. Enough said. Highly recommended.

  Review by Ashe Barker

Life Under New Management is a sensuous, complex contribution to the series. I loved it. If you like your MM action hot and sexy, with a strong emotional undercurrent, this one is for you. Five well-deserved stars from me.

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Did I like this book? No. I LOVED IT! Why? The complexity. Both these characters are complex. Their relationship is complex. The writing is complex. The way Davitt deftly develops their relationship and stirred in the eroticism to keep it interesting was complex. The whole thing was like a breath of fresh air. Inventive sadists are a delight to read about, aren't they?  I have nothing else to say except if you don’t read this, you’re missing out.  Don’t be that person.

  Review by Tracy Gee

I found this book very different from any I have previously read, which is always a plus. I was fascinated by both Ethan’s need to control and Andy’s need to surrender everything. I think the author found the perfect mix with these two. There was no need for whips and chains as a spanking worked perfectly. There is very little angst; the storyline and plot didn’t need it. There are a few twists I wasn’t expecting along the way which kept me wanting to read more. Overall an interesting read, that is very well written, with a lot of lust, crying, pain and happiness between both MC’s.

  Review by Boys in Our Books

We get the kink, the pain, the control and the boys being hot as hell, we get humor as well. It was a nice change to see them poke fun and play with one another. Sure, Ethan likes to control Andy as much as Andy loves Ethan to control him, but the ease they fit together and could laugh with one another was endearing. Ack. I can’t get enough of them and I didn’t want their story to end. It was so damn good and consuming.

So yeah, I loved the hell out of this book, everything about it and I keep looking over my notes and grinning like a fool. I’ll stop my fangirling now. I’m going to go visit my favorite scenes again…

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