Belt Buckles and Cowboy Boots

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Belt Buckles and Cowboy Boots

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  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If you're beginning to think that this is just a simple story, with an easy, over-used plot, well, you've never read a Bailey Bradford. She always manages to throw more depth into her characters than you expect, which increases my enjoyment by a ton. Colby gets a well deserved reminder that he isn't as alone as he thinks, and there are people in town who care about him and are his friends.A wonderful story, Bailey, that I enjoyed tremendously. Colby and Hunter both wormed their way into my heart. This book had just the right amount of sex, drama, and humor to make it a great read, and an easy one. 

  Review by Redz World

This is a must read book. I couldn’t stop reading this one.  There is so much heart and soul in this book. It made me laugh, cry, and smile as I read it.  I love how this author brings two wonderful characters together and makes me fall in love with them both. This is one of those stories that kept me engaged, and smiling. I loved both men and the story itself is amazingly well done. When you want a modern kind of cowboy who will steal your heart, this is the book to pick up. 

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I LOVED the relationship between Valen and Aaron. They were so in love - you could see their devotion to each other in every word. You could feel the relationship grow and change throughout the story. They supported each other and were constantly worried for and about one another. In the end, I did enjoy the book; it came together nicely for me.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Gosh, my heart just breaks for Colby. Having not only to deal with his bigoted father and family but also basically the whole town and area, his self imposed prison of working the nightshift or an early morning cook just so people won’t see him and therefore won’t harass him. And Hunter, a stronger version of Colby but no less sad, both finding each other and happiness in each other arms. But because neither one have had an out relationship just unsure of what to do. The secondary characters really help round this out to make it a beautiful story.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This is another beautifully written story by Bailey Bradford. There are so many lessons of acceptance and love to be learned in this one story. I fell in love with every single character from Colby, to the sassy Christy he works with and of course Hunter. Bailey paints a poignant picture with words. Oh and the sex is so sizzling hot! It is explicit there is a lot of it but it’s always so well done!

If you’re looking for the perfect story to pull you in and keep you entertained for a few hours, this is it. If you like, hunky heroes, tough out and proud gay men, sassy chicks and happy endings this is the perfect book for you. I forgot to mention how smoking hot it is! Turn on the fans!

  Review by Debbie Firpo

I find myself in love with Colby and Hunter. This was such a sweet book. Colby was fun and filled with spunk. How could you not love him? In comes our Hunter, so strong but so sweet. When Colby cried, I cried. this book will stay with me always. Its one I will reread again and again.

  Review by Gay List Book Reviews

Both of these men had so much love to give and needed to be loved so badly. Add in the intense sexual and emotional attraction and it was a perfect match. This read as a sweet and sexy love story for me. Way more hope and happiness than ugliness. A story of love, acceptance, loyalty, friendship, family and opening your heart to the people and opportunities around you. 

  Review by The Jeep Diva

The story was written well with a decent plot that flowed well.  There was a bit of action, lots of angst, sweet romance as well as hot sex, nice resolution and an acceptable ending.  If you like Bailey Bradford and m/m romance, check this out.

  Review by Debra E

I loved Colby’s attitude, felt his pain, and really rooted for him to get his HEA. Hunter is a quieter presence, not sure how he can keep Colby around without putting them both in harm’s way and risking both his job and his family. While there was insta-lust and a hot first night that turned into a weekend, this is not insta-love. I was somewhat disappointed that we weren’t shown the time the two men first spend together on a trip out of town, but we did get to see the slow build of trust and affection between them as the both struggle with their feelings. There was plenty of drama and angst and good secondary characters to round out this enjoyable story.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

For the most part, this story stays real and very well observed.  I could feel the claustrophobic Texas heat and imagine the similarly claustrophobic atmosphere in the small town.  Both Cody and Hunter’s struggles with isolation and poverty made them loveable and I genuinely felt for the two main characters and their circumstances.The author has crafted a gentle little story about two endearing men and their struggles for love, friendship and survival in rural Texas.

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