Biking Bad

Morticia Knight

Customer & Industry Reviews of Biking Bad

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  Review by Love Bytes

One thing leads to another in this story and we have threats, murder and mayhem.   What will happen when the truth comes out? Is there any protecting Dylan from the harsh truth? Only one way to find out, pick up the book!

  Review by The Book Pushers

This had an interesting dynamic with the older more experienced man paired with the younger virginal private eye. I was expecting it to be a bit cheesy but it really wasn’t. There was a sweetness to both of the characters and I enjoyed them and their chemistry as well as the story which had some darkness to balance that out. I enjoyed this read, it was short but managed to pack quite a bit into it.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

 loved Dylan’s character because even with everything that was/had happened to him, he was still standing strong and had a great outlook on life.  He went into his new job with his eyes open and wanted to do what was best for his friends.  I thought that Zero was a jerk, but I have a feeling he was written that way. When the *real* Zero started to come out, I thought that it was a really smart move for Ms. Knight because it did make it so that I wanted him to find his happiness as well.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Both of these characters had hard lives growing up: where Zero reacted with anger and balls-to-the-wall bravado, he doesn’t trust or form attachments.  Tenderness and kindness are foreign to him, but he is both with Dylan, reacting to the younger man’s sweetness and open nature. This is a story of learning to trust and find redemption because of a need to protect and claim.

  Review by Nautical Star Books

There was just enough of a plot in solving Dylan’s case to keep the book interesting and I enjoyed the happily ever after that Dylan and Rogue got at the end of the book.

  Review by Joyfully Jay

The characters of Dylan and Zero have a great story to tell together. Knight is able to draw the characters well and their story has heat and so many possibilities.  The characters are intriguing, and the intimate scenes are well written.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This was by far my favorite in the anthology. It seemed to be the most complete story and I really enjoyed the twists and turns. Dylan is a sweet guy trying to do the right thing - Zero is a hot, bad boy, who not only falls head over heels for Dylan, but saves the day too. Plus, the antagonist is really easy to hate!

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