A Slow Process of Understanding

Faith Ashlin

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Slow Process of Understanding

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  Review by Prism Book Alliance

I’m very conscious that nothing I say can do this story justice. I don’t have the eloquence of words to explain how it makes me feel but one thing I do know is that this is a love story. Fate threw Nate and Jimmy together and events pulled them apart, but fate also gave them both the ability to change, to see beyond initial impressions and to come out the other side stronger and together.

I adore Faith Ashlin’s writing; it’s thought-provoking, intense and full of emotion, any book by Ms. Ashlin is highly recommended but this one is very special.

  Review by Multitasking Mommas

Oh, this was such an awesome, awesome read! I loved how Jimmy's character changes from someone I could not stand into a man of conviction and dedication to a cause and to a man he was so deep into. Nate was an enigma but his character slowly came to whole once the end was reached. Yes, it's about slavery but it is a story that should be read.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This is well written and the characters develop nicely. At first I felt that Jimmy was selfish and Nate was sweet, then my thinking was flipped more than a couple of times throughout. Ultimately, I was just on the edge of my proverbial seat; just wanting to know what happens to this certainly unique couple. This book isn’t for the faint of heart and some scenes are just brutal, but still it flows so well.

The pace starts off a bit slow, but after Jimmy is released from prison the action and emotion picks up and follows nonstop through to the end. And if nothing else, the title of this book was aptly chosen.

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

I get it. Faith Ashlin is a genius. A Slow Process of Understanding, indeed. It's an apt title if there ever was one.

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