All Along

Willa Okati

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  Review by Joyfully Jay

Not only did we get a fantastic conclusion to this book, but it gave us finality on the whole series.  Everyone from the previous books was back, it took us back to the place where the whole thing began, and it was just wonderfully done.  I finished this book with the satisfaction of a great read.

If you’ve been reading this series, then this book is going to make you happy.  And if you haven’t, I suggest picking them up.  They definitely need to be read in order, as there are bits that weave through the entire series, but it’s definitely worth it.  A fun and interesting twist on fated mates, Okati’s Soulmarked Series really fits the bill.  I enjoyed this book, and the series, immensely.

  Review by Nautical Star Books

This is a rather short story but very well written.  The words practically flowed off the page.  Descriptive enough to draw an amazingly clear picture in my head but not so flowery that it became difficult to read.  Nathaniel is young but has a remarkable maturity.  Abram is hesitant to get involved with someone so much younger than him but they fit like two pieces to a puzzle. All Along is a short novella  but makes for a very enjoyable read!

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

Two sexy men, lots of passion and innocence, a bit of excitement and a touch of pain. I can’t wait to read the next book. I want to hear more about these amazing characters.

Reviewed by Lisa.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Each couple had their own set of circumstances they had to deal with and they all found the person with whom they matched. The beautiful thing about the Soulmarked series is that through it all, love found a way to get and keep them together. I recommend this story to fans of the series and to those who are new to it who, like me, are hopeless romantics wanting to believe that there's someone for everyone.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

Well written story with a lot of drama between Abram and Nathaniel. Especially with Abram trying to come to terms with what’s happening between them. Hot sex scenes as well as secretive meetings between Abram and Nathaniel make for a great read.

Reviewed by Shorty

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