Don't Judge a Book…

Scarlet Blackwell

Customer & Industry Reviews of Don't Judge a Book…

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  Review by The Jeep Diva

What a delightful little read. I liked these two.  They each had things in their lives that they had to overcome – like huge chips on their shoulders.  As “true love” will, they brought out the best in each other.  I found that very sweet. Get the book.  You’ll like it.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

The encounters of these two men are explosive–in every sense and on every level. Their banter is fun, the sex they have is hot, and their relationship extremely stormy. All of that makes it all the more rewarding once they do work things out. If you like stories with a lot of heat, characters that don’t immediately fall into each other’s arms (but would like to), and if you enjoy opposites figuring out how to coexist, you will probably like this book.

  Review by Smexy Books

I was so pleasantly surprised with this short story.  With its opposites attract theme, the author manages to give us a well rounded story with both humor and emotional angst in just 100 pages. Incredible!

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