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Carol Lynne

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  Review by Hearts On Fire

The connection between Snake and Riley is blistering. They fit each other in ways neither expected. I liked how Snake did not understand why others did not see how sexy Riley was. The sex scenes were scorching.
I found this book is well written. The overall plot was very enchanting. The main and secondary characters were fascinating. The ending was a bit predictable but I enjoyed all the twists and turns in the story. Overall, this was a great book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series

  Review by The Novel Approach

What can I say? Carol Lynne has successfully written thirty-one stories about Cattle Valley, and I cannot wait for number thirty-two. If you are a fan of this series or a fan of Carol Lynne, you will love it! 

You cannot help but to fall in love with Snake and Riley. I wanted to shake both of them several times until their teeth rattled.

We get to see many of our favorite characters from the series, and then we see a few of our not-so-favorites, who create havoc. Tragedy strikes the duo and Cattle Valley does what they do best—rally around their own for support. This is a great addition to the series, and I cannot wait until the next one! You will not be disappointed. Enjoy.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This is the thirty-first book in the 'Cattle Valley’ series and the thirty-first book I've read. For many, Cattle Valley remains a place of healing, self-discovery, and new beginnings and this holds true for Snake and Riley. I recommend this story to fans, who I am certain will enjoy it; but I also urge others, new to the series, to join us on the Cattle Valley bandwagon. Once you've started reading, it's going to be hard to stop. Thanks, Carol, for another trip to the town, and, especially, for giving Snake and Riley a happy ending. Turning a badass like Snake into a decent guy was no small task, but you managed it brilliantly.

  Review by Tracy George

I loved this book. Snake is a badass alpha male. He killed people for the government for years. He doesn't like himself and doesn't think he has a soul and therefore can't fall in love. Riley is a geek, is small and wears glasses, when his mad ex turns up at his place of work he is saved by a huge hunk of a man who tells him he wants sex but thats all it will ever be. WOW did snake fall hard for his cute geek... Fantastic storyline. I love to see alpha males showing their softer side.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I loved both men and the story line. I have a soft spot for tough, men with a secret soft side and I love a geek that is tougher than he looks or appears. I also like broken men that get at least a very good HfN or HEA and a bad man that is redeemed. I got it all here. I absolutely loved the end.

  Review by Stella

Don't worry this book can be read as a standalone and you'll miss nothing. It was an easy read, full of love, friendship and sex, just what I like to read.

  Review by May

This is my first story in the Cattle Valley Series, yes I know, I'm late to the party but thankful I got here.

A wonderful introduction to the series and I can’t wait to enjoy some more.

  Review by Pati

Although this is #31 in Cattle Valley Series, it's the first one that I've read. I can't really say why but for some reason I've just never actually gotten around to reading this series. That is most definitely an oversight that I will be rectifying soon.

Ms. Lynne, has created such a nice little town filled with nice people and into this town we follow Snake & Riley. Two very different men who each have issues and baggage to deal with before they too can find their HEA. Along the way we meet a slew of characters and told enough about them that I didn't feel lost at all. I enjoyed getting to know rough around the edges, no verbal filter, Snake and sweet, scared Riley.... Oh, I just want to hug him and assure him that small, nerdy guys are sexy too!

I highly recommend this book.

  Review by The Blogger Girls

I have been a huge fan of the Cattle Valley series from day one and will read every book that is ever written in this series. This book, however, tested me, and it took a while for me to warm up to Snake. I am almost positive that was the author’s intention, because Snake appears to have been intentionally written this way... Once you learn all about Snake as a child, when you find out how he views himself; then you will allow yourself to open up to the possibility that he might not be such a big jerk after all. Well, yeah, he still is, but you understand why and love him regardless.

Now I have to wait to see how it all gets settled. I am not sure what the right solution would be, but I will leave that to Carol Lynne. Whatever happens, I will be there to read it.


  Review by Literary Nymphs

I enjoyed the storyline. It makes sense. The pacing is smooth throughout and I like how Riley’s history with his ex is incorporated into the plot. The abusive past is pivotal in driving the story forward but it still didn’t overpower it, leaving plenty of opportunities for Riley and Snake to be together and for the various scenes in Cattle Valley. The imagery is good and the sex is sizzling, even if their relationship starts off rather quickly— but within the scope of the story it works.

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