Rasputin's Kiss

L.M. Somerton

Customer & Industry Reviews of Rasputin's Kiss

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  Review by 3 Chicks After Dark

I knew LM would write interesting, loveable characters, hot sex, sensual touching, kinky BDSM and a suspenseful story to keep me on the edge with every turn of the page. Not disappointed!

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This is the first book in this amazing new series that I can guarantee you will love. It was told with such a flare that will make your heart beat fast, your palms sweat and your stomach twirl in emotion. L. M. Somerton gives you a story that is absolutely one of the best new stories I have come across. 

  Review by Molly Lolly Reviews

I loved the BDSM. The scenes where Conor lets go with Alex are amazing. He is beautiful in his submission.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

It’s quick, it’s hot and it will undoubtedly end up messy! Alex is naturally dominant and although he recognises the submissiveness in Connor the man is by no means aware of it himself. Connor’s body may well recognise and enjoy what Alex brings out in him but he is in a constant battle with his mind. LM Somerton seems to bring us strong Doms and bratty subs that work really well together and ensure there is never a dull moment.

  Review by Queertown Abbey

There are two things I like when I start a book, a rough tough alpha male and a cute sub with a back bone. I got both in this book. Alex is a Dom to the bone. The BDSM in this first book is light and won’t offend those readers that don’t care for it.
The storyline started off steadily, building up through out the whole book, the plot was interesting, it had me gripped to the very end. The relationship between Alex and Conor started with a slow burn that got hotter and hotter. What started off as been a job for them both quickly turned very real. The sex scenes were written in such a way that it took nothing from the story and blended perfectly.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviews

The romantic suspense angle was well written and the reader is not privy to information that allows them to figure out who the responsible party is.  Rasputin’s Kiss was a terrific read.

  Review by Rainbow Gold Reviews

If you are looking for a fun light BDSM with a little mystery and mayhem thrown in then this is the book for you.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I honestly couldn't imagine anything better than a murder mystery, BDSM, two hot cops, and a sexy love story. Rasputin's Kiss introduced me to Detective Inspector Alex Courtney, a twenty-nine-year-old Dominant, and Detective Conor Trethuan, a twenty-three-year-old submissive. Alex is exactly the kind of man I would fall for. He's gorgeous, strong, smart, sexy, and a little wicked. Oh yes, my friends, he's prime, grade A beef. Conor is stunningly gorgeous, shy, determined, and a very natural, born sub.

  Review by The Novel Approach

The police-work, and the cases in this book was definitely interesting and exciting. Somerton is fantastic with her descriptive prose. The villain’s hideout in Rasputin’s Kiss is absolutely brought to life by her words. Somerton also gives us lots of fun Britishisms, creepy villians, and a good cast of supporting characters, as well as a smoking hot cover!

  Review by Mrs Condit Reads Books


LM Somerton does great stories of strong willed Doms and the not always so submissive boys who complete their lives.


This is a very good story full of charming characters (and a few not-so-charming ones as you’ll find out), and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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