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  Review by Gay Media Reviews

I loved this novel so much so that the author had me on the edge of my seat through the entire novel. I couldn't predict what was about to happen next and that is a great quality in writing. Jennifer's writing is simply brilliant and how she comes up with these stories, characters, realms and unique worlds in this fascinating genre. I recommend this novel, Airos and the series...Finding Home by Jennifer Wright!

  Review by Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Once in a while I have to privilege to read and review a book that will touch my heart, as well as, easily finding myself get totally lost within the story of two incredible men that the author weaves. Airos by Jennifer Wright has everything I love about reading romances and more!


If you love paranormal romances, Airos is for you. If you love well-told stories, Airos is for you. If you love character driven plotlines that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Airos is definitely for you. 


Reviewed by Gabbi

  Review by Sensual Reads

Action is never ceasing and neither is the pain of both betrayal and battle.  But love heals many wounds and Zane needs to open his heart.  Will he open it in time to save himself?  Pick up Airos by Jennifer Wright and find out for your self.  You will be glad you did.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

The characters are written brilliantly, each of them affecting you as you see from their eyes, we have Zane who has done what he has to prove himself and has pushed hard. We have Bo who feels pulled between his new mate and his loyalty to his Drágun brother. We have Larken who longs for his love to be returned and we feel his devastation as he is ignored for another. Then there is Damien who has nothing but contempt for Zane and wishes he could make things better for Larken. We have Aliam who just can’t get over his loss and bitter revenge drives him. Each character brings a wealth of feeling to this story and it really carries you along as the storyline heats up toward battle and betrayal. 

I recommend this to those who love paranormal worlds, battling factions, a brilliant developing storyline, great characters, twists, finding love in difficult circumstances and much more to come in the future.


Reviewed by Pixie

  Review by Heather

I love that Zane finally got a mate. He was so alone and needed someone to balance him out. Bo is so cute and makes a great partner for Zane. Can't wait to see what is next in the series.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

The plot is a mixture of secrets, treachery, jealousy, conflict with a touch of intimacy.   Jennifer Wright has created an incredibly emotional action filled saga that I enjoyed immensely. 

  Review by The Novel Approach

Jennifer Wright had me on the edge of my seat and I didn’t relax until I read the final word. I highly recommend this book…I love this series and the next books have been set up wonderfully, and I cannot wait to see who is next in line. I certainly hope we will see Gravaick finally get what is coming to him soon.

  Review by Joyfully Jay

The world building continues to be good and the main characters are definitely engaging. I do find myself invested in what happens to these guys and think Wright has done a good job of developing the plot arc over the series. 


Reviewed by Jay

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