Journey to Hope

J.P. Bowie

Customer & Industry Reviews of Journey to Hope

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  Review by Jeep Diva

J.P. Bowie delivered sensuality and sexiness in this wonderful cowboy tale. The love scenes were tender with a touch of desperation that warmed the heart. The feelings emanated from the written words as Mr. Bowie described the interactions between Josh and Brett, making each nuance believable.

Journey to Hope conveyed powerful emotions and substance as Josh and Brett fell in love, barring any road blocks, and surged forward to create a life of love and happiness. A beautiful love story.


Reviewed by Evelise

  Review by Sid Love

The connection between both men is explosive and before either man knows they are both head over heals for each other.

It is nice and sexy to read their relationship forming and to see the protectiveness of the characters of the former 3 stories.

The little bit of drama that the author throws in nearing the end of this book is a nice addition without extending it too long or drawing out the story. It causes a bit of tension and added emotion and makes the story feel more as a complete read.

For me a very pleasurable read and I hope there will be more Ride ’Em stories coming!


Reviewed by Danielle

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If you like hot cowboys, if you enjoy reading about scrappy underdogs who never give up no matter what life throws at them, and if you're looking for a short read with a good balance between heat and tension-filled plot, then you will probably enjoy this short story.


Reviewed by Serena

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