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  Review by Michelle

Such a good book. Definately worth the wait.

  Review by Mrs Condit Reads Books

This story has three of my favorite things: shifters: check. Hot man on man sex: check. Felines: check, check and check.


I loved this book; Paul and Justice are great together. Justice helps Paul heal in a way that Paul never expected him to. You can see Paul use his fury to his advantage and fight against the fear and fight back against his attackers. I’m definitely going to follow this series.


Reviewed by Kiwi

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Book ten in the Leopard’s Spot series plunges readers into a world of sympathetic characters and non-stop action.  Sincere, sexy leopards and humans come together in love.  The dangers of their world are also explored and battled.  Author Bailey Bradford continues to imagine new and exciting plotlines to woo readers to this enjoyable series.  Justice comes for Paul and there’s no turning back.  Delicious.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

Justice is the tenth book in the Leopard's Spots series. In this episode, the plot features the painful aftereffects of trauma, as well as the mysterious lone wolf shifter with spiritualist powers. Nobody knows the man’s history or if his actions are for good or evil. Paul is the twin brother to Preston, featured in Nischal. Being held in captivity, along with being sexually abused by wolf shifters, Paul hated all shifters until he met Justice. The mate bond allowed Paul to crave intimacy again, but only with Justice. Aware of Paul’s traumatic past, Justice is willing to delay the full mating because their main focus is dealing with stopping Paul’s former conquers.      Bailey Bradford has created another impressive addition to this series which is best read in sequence. I especially enjoyed the mystery regarding the powerful wolf shifter.    Reviewed by Choclate Minx

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I really liked Paul and Justice's story. Because of what Paul suffered, the pace of parts of the story were slower and portrayed very gently with a lot of sweetness. Getting vengeance — okay I was going to say justice, but that wouldn't work — against the shifters that hurt Paul and others was very satisfying. Watching Paul stand up for himself was even more so. I enjoy this series very much and am thankful that Bailey Bradford indulges my need for shifters and men loving on men!


Reviewed by Christy

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