Royal Blood

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Royal Blood

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  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Author Carol Lynne shares an incredibly vivid imagination with readers in this book.  Royal Blood triumphs with a rich blend of fantasy, drama and romance.  This world is filled with characters from Olympus as well as vampires, fae, and shifters.  There are no boundaries with these characters.  Excelling in pulse pounding action and adventure too, Royal Blood smartly weaves an indelible love story. 

  Review by Literary Nymphs

Royal Blood was a well-done conclusion to this interesting series.  Not only did the author wrap this book up perfectly but ended the series well.  Those who have not tried this series should really pick it up; just remember it is important to read the books in order.  


Reviewed by Critter Nymph

  Review by Dark Divas Reviews

Just as in the other books from this series, Royal Blood (Neo’s Realm) is well-written and pulls you into the pages to follow along the journey of the characters. The depth of emotion conveyed by Ms. Lynne in her book is wonderful and has you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. Royal Blood (Neo’s Realm) is a great way to get lost in a story for the day.


Reviewed by Jessie

  Review by Fallen Angel Reviews

As the final installment in the Neo’s Realm series, this book tied up all the loose threads perfectly. Spiro had spent his life knowing that his fated love Nialo was to remain in the form of a jaguar, keeping them apart. Nialo’s desire for Spiro forced him to ask the one person he vowed he would never go to for help, his mother. But is she strong enough to save Spiro from Zeus? 


Reviewed by Teresa

  Review by Customer

Excited? I am. I have been waiting for this... I have even pestered CL on her website about Spiro and Nialo's story. (sorry about that, but I was glad to hear your thoughts on how it would be presented). I cannot wait to read this new chapter in Neo's Realm.

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