Mountain Rescue

L.M. Somerton

Customer & Industry Reviews of Mountain Rescue

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  Review by Customer

I absolutely love Ms Somerton's books. Th interactions between Cal and Ford are so spot on, They make me feel as though I am feeling them. Her story-lines keep the readers on the edge of their seat, the chemistry between the main characters are so hot. I am looking forward to reading more of ms Somerton's books.

  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

LM Somerton has a gift for creating wonderful characters and hard to put down stories. She's done this again with Cal and Ford in Mountain Rescue.

  Review by Customer

One of the first story's I've read by L.M. Somerton, but will definitely not be my last. I enjoyed the easy flow style of writing the author has, as well as her ability to really bring this reader into the lives of her characters. Mountain Rescue follows Cal Somers, a young man struggling with being alone and starting over after a drunk driver takes his whole family from him in one horrible incident that leaves him well-off financially, but empty emotionally. He literally falls for the dominant, adventurous and gorgeous Ford Collister right through the front doors of Mountains, the outdoor store that Ford owns. Ford decided not to let history repeat itself and is determined to not lose this wonderful, compassionate man before he even has a chance with him. We need more of this. Not necessarily a sequel, I mean, but more… more love, more drama, more lust, more passion.

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