Doctor, Doctor

Eleanor Bruce & H.L. Holston

Customer & Industry Reviews of Doctor, Doctor

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  Review by Mrs Condit Reads Reviews

This is a character driven story that has a smoothly flowing plot and characters who face so many obstacles thrown in their way by a military unable to let them love openly. The authors' concise style of writing provides a frank look into the worl

  Review by Customer

Even with DADT repealed Daniel and Ryker still can't be open about their relationship because of their ranks. They need to decided where they are headed and they end up in a huge fight with nothing resolved. Daniel is hurt and the decision gets made for them. I liked the story and loved the characters but the solution almost seemed to easy compared to the conflict. Ryker always seems to be sort of it will be my way. By the end you feel that Ryker really does love and care for Daniel but he never seems to be the one who had to sacrifice.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If you like reading about men who clearly love each other but let professional priorities come between them, if you enjoy seeing how and why they change their minds, and if you're looking for a short, hot read about a navy doctor and his officer lover,

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