Campus Cravings: Vol 7 PRINT

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Campus Cravings: Vol 7 PRINT

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  Review by Mrs Condit Reads Reviews

As usual, Lynne does an excellent job of tackling sensitive topics; this is not her first time doing so in her writing. The other thing that delights me with Carol Lynne's work is that you care about her characters and you're interested in wh

  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

Carol Lynne has taken a sensitive issue and crafted a compelling story of truth and justice...Ms. Lynne has handled it with grace and compassion.

  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

Ms. Lynne handles all of the sensitive issues surrounding rape and mental health issues masterfully...Locky In Love is an amazing story.

  Review by Whipped Cream Reviews

I really loved the way that Locky and Beckett seemed to complement one another...This book is a true underdog story and because of it, made me sympathize with the characters. The emotional attachment I experienced because of this really kept the pages

  Review by Literary Nymphs

The descriptions of his emotional pain are handled well, as is Will's concern for him. And I like Will. He's a dedicated detective and a caring man...I enjoyed the returning secondary characters and getting to see the pieces of the court case

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

This fast-paced story started with a bang and never let up until the very end...This inspiring story shows the difference one person can make to the lives of others if they just take the time to get involved.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

It's another entertaining read set in the college world inhabited by the characters of Campus Cravings, but this time the subject matter is far more serious than usual...The pacing is smooth, the personalities are well-developed and the sex sizzli

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