All Play & No Work

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of All Play & No Work

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  Review by Elisa

Especially as the first in a series, I found this book enthralling. I was already intrigued by Nate, Ryan, and Rio from the Good Boys books, but this one developed them into complex people and made me fall in love with all of them.

  Review by Romance Junkies Reviews

5 out of 5! This a great start to Ms. Lynne's newest series.Ms. Lynne paints pictures with her words, giving vivid detail of her character's world and makes the reader feel apart of it.

  Review by Lacey

Wow... I am so in love with this book! It's a fantastic read, one that will be enjoyed by everyone. This story continues the tale of Rio, Nate, and Ryan - first introduced in the Good-time Boys Rawley's Redemption - and it gives us a wider scope on their love and interaction with each other. We're also given a glimpse of Cattle Valley, the amazing town Lynne has created, filled with so many possibilities for future stories. I just can't wait for the next part in this series. So, go! Buy the book! You won't be disappointed.

  Review by Melissa Kammer

Was sad to say goodbye to the Good-time Boys series, but Carol gave us a great spin off! Picking up with Nate, Rio and Ryan, we're visiting Carol's latest world, Cattle Valley. Look forward to visiting Cattle Valley again!

  Review by CynStorm

I was a little hesitant in purchasing this book - threesomes are rarely written well enough to satisfy this avid reader. But because of my love for Carol Lynne's work, I decided to give this story a shot. And, boy, am I happy I did! 'All Play & No Work' introduces us to three very different men, each with a different past, each bearing a love that outshines any shadow life may throw at them. I just fell in love with the boys, with the town, with the book! It truly was an amazing read, one full of love, steamy sex, and intense drama. I recommend it wholeheartedly!

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

5 out of 5! Ms. Lynne has a great basis for another riveting series...The love between Nate, Rio and Ryan is very poignant and very HOT!

  Review by Two Lips Reviews

Carol Lynne does an amazing job of blending these three men into a family unit you will love to meet.

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