Alone in a Crowd

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Alone in a Crowd

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  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Lynne packs a lot of emotion into a story and her characters. She also packs a lot of sex...Lynne did a great job here while still giving us realistic elements.

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

Ryan didn't want to burden his lovers with his past, but what he seemed to forget is that abuse happens at all levels of society...Even though it was a more difficult road to travel, it led him to Ryo and Nate and all of the love he would ever need.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

Ms. Lynne expressed these intense, painful and raw emotions well. But what I particularly enjoyed is Ryan's ability to work through his childhood issues and grow, moving past some of the pain that had haunted him for so long...And the guys still m

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Of all the stories about Ryan, Rio, and Nate, this is the one that touches me the most...I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it, not just to Cattle Valley fans, but to everyone who appreciates a story with three men, very devoted to each other, who

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