Shadow Soldier

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Shadow Soldier

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Finally! We get Duncan McConnell's story. I have been waiting for his story since he was introduced three books ago. This story was another wonderfully woven tale by Ms. Lynne. Two men with such nightmares, can they work their way through them? Can they build a new life; a stronger life together as their rough edges and what they felt were their worst traits came to light? When a fire sweeps through their building, can they find a way to rebuild? Such passion need and pain in these two men that you cry and just want to hold them both. I loved this story from the beginning, could not put it down, and did not want to put it down. Everything I have come to expect from Ms. Lynne in her well crafted books; a great addition to this series. Thank you for this 5 star book, and taking us once again on a short vacation to this town you have created.shadow soldier

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This story is well written...I will recommend this to those who love damaged heroes, May � December relationships, hot sex, a good story-line and a happy ever after.

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

The love between Deacon and Aaron was lovely to experience as it unfolded. I loved how the lives of characters from earlier books continue as the series expands.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

Ms. Lynn packs in a lot of, bantering conversation, sizzling sex and even some action and danger. Watch for the next one in this series, coming in May.

  Review by Queer Magazine Online

I loved this story...I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a heartfelt story bewtween two very deserving men and, of course, a happy ending. Thanks, Carol, for another lovely story.

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