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Megan Slayer - BTSe Mag feature

Do I have your attention? Are you wondering what mood I’m talking about? My name is Megan Slayer and I write hot books. Really hot books. The longer I write, the more I realize trying to close the bedroom door just isn’t going to work. My characters like to embrace the naughty side. And me? I go along for the ride!

Megan Slayer - Exclusive author feature

What can we expect from Constant?

This is the story of two men realizing they aren’t so different after all. There are ups, downs and hot sex included. Roddy needs to relax and the only way he can is with Vegas at Darkness, but a television personality isn’t supposed to visit a BSDM club. Unless the personality is Roddy. He’s unashamed. Vegas has his own complexities that are revealed in the story. Once he peels back all of his layers, he’s worried Roddy won’t want to stick around. Things could get messy, but that’s how Roddy and Vegas like it.

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