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Lily Harlem - Because 2 Men Are Better feature

Inspiration for characters comes to me from a variety of different places. For example in Dark Warrior (an MM novel set in Kenya) I’d seen a gorgeous picture of a man from behind who grew in my imagination to become Malik, a strong tribal man who is full of passion, very brave and modern thinking. 

Lily Harlem - Cara Sutra feature

It’s great to be featured here on Cara Sutra! A little about me. I’m a UK based erotic romance author. Before letting my imagination run riot with the written word I worked as a nurse in London. But after a move to the countryside I found the time and the headspace to put down all the raunchy stories I had spinning around my imagination onto paper.

Lily Harlem - Exclusive Author Feature for Dark Warrior

What can we expect from Dark Warrior?

Dark Warrior will take you far, far away, to the dusty, dangerous plains of central Kenya. You’ll be able to admire majestic Kilimanjaro and the wild predators that stalk the foothills. It’s a story of voyage not just miles but also in the journey the characters, Leo and Malik, must take to admit what they want and figure out how that can be achieved. No journey is easy, though, especially when faced with lions, pirates and disease but this just makes reaching the destination all the sweeter.

Lily Harlem - Divine Magazine featured author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

The erotic romance genre found me! I won an erotic fiction competition five years ago after completing a creative writing course and that was it, I was hooked! Now I write full time, enjoying the view from my attic study which looks out upon the beautiful rolling hills of Wales. 

Lily Harlem - Dark Warrior Trailer

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