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S. Dora - Rude magazine feature

Coming out about your sexuality is usually talked about in the context of adolescence. However, as writer S. Dora discovered, it’s actually a life-long process, and being a mother seems to further complicate things. Being an outsider and writing about characters and situations that are far removed from her own life has had unexpected consequences…

S. Dora and A. Moore - Female First feature

A. Moore:

Writing with S. Dora was an amazing process. Our writing process consisted of emailing one another every couple of days with the next chapter. I took Tyler's point of view, and S. took Derek's. I've never had such a collaborative writing experience. Due to the nature of the story we both had to be on the same page, and we both took care to leave room for one another's creativity.

S. Dora:

Would I write with A. again? Absolutely!

That’s the short version of my experience with writing A Weekend Unbound together with a friend.

S. Dora and A. Moore - Blog tour stop with GGR Review

Let’s be clear about one thing. BDSM doesn’t have to hurt. There is a reason the connection is there, with all those whips and paddles, but that doesn’t mean it’s the whole story. Nor is there an absolute rule that fiction about BDSM has to contain an element of pain to be considered the real deal.

S. Dora and A. Moore - Author Spotlight

A Weekend Unbound is an extreme BDSM novel. Why did you choose to write a story that pushes the boundaries so far? 

S: I don’t think we consciously chose to push the limits as far as we did, did we? All we did was set up a very rough idea of something that would easily work and after that we simply started and let things flow. Of course, we had some idea of what the other felt comfortable with. 

A: I agree about the limits. We wrote this fairly quickly, and I think to some extent we learned how comfortable each other was as we went. I will say it was truly fun writing with a friend who was comfortable exploring the wilder side of kink.

S. Dora and A. Moore - Interview with Derek and Tyler

If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be, and why?

Tyler: I would have talked to Derek about our names. We talked a little bit about the meaning of Master in the scene, but I wish we had at least talked about it before we’d been playing for a day. It was the right decision, and I wouldn’t take it back, but I wish we had talked about it more.

Derek: Just one? Don’t get me wrong, I have no big regrets about anything, but there always small details that I might have done slightly different.

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