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T.K. Paige - BTSe mag feature

Did you ever look around and wonder, “What am I doing here?”

That’s me right now. A little over a year ago I was a wife, mother and homemaker. If you asked me to describe myself I would’ve used those words first. Then followed it with, book addict, introvert, sci fi freak, closet romantic and daydreamer.

T.K. Paige - Female First feature

o celebrate the release of my second novella with Totally Bound, A Second Chance Love, I’ve decided to do my blog post on why I reached for my dream and how it has affected me.

Reading has always been my escape since I was four. I could go anywhere, be anyone and do anything when I was lost in a book. For me, that segued into daydreaming constantly whenever I had a few minutes. It could be about a book, a TV show or movie. While my sisters were complaining about the long drive to wherever, I was imagining Middle Earth or traveling the universe with a Time Lord.

And many times it was a something that only existed in my head.


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