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Willa Okati - LR Café Best of 2014 Awards Nominee

The Soulmarked series has been nominated for Best Series!

Willa Okati - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Some might have said that Robbie was a simple man, but that wasn’t quite the case.
He led a simple life, to be sure. No frills. He learned early on that what he knew about stealing cars he could put to use in fixing them instead, and he put his all into providing for the brothers he mostly raised by himself. He’d never minded grease under his fingernails, and the cracks on his palms and knuckles that came from hard work didn’t seem so bad—
When he had Ivan to help him patch them up.

Willa Okati - BTS Red Carpet Review Nominee 2014

Now and Then has been nominated for a BTS Red Carpet Award in the Paranormal category!

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