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Cheyenne Meadows - BTSe Mag feature

Have you ever read stories where animals play a major role in the story? Dogs, cats, and horses especially. People love animals and that pours over into not only reading choices, but writing choices for authors. I, for one, fit that bill.

Cheyenne Meadows - Guys Like Romance Too feature

A second chance at love?
Have you ever broken up with another person, then ran across them down the road? Did you wonder why it hadn’t worked? Wish for a second chance? Did you or someone you know ever take that leap of faith and give the relationship one more try? Was the second time the charm or was the experience only a matter of same issues, different day?

Cheyenne Meadows - Female First feature

Shape shifters are hot, hot, hot!

That's right. Ever since a couple of very popular television shows and movies came out, people can't seem to get enough of the "others".

I, for one, am included.


Cheyenne Meadows - Blog tour stop with Long and Short Reviews

What kind of books do I read?

I love any kind of romance, from erotic to sweet, from historical to fantasy. The century, the world, the place really doesn’t matter as long as the main characters are well written, the sexual tension building, and they inevitably fall in love at the end. After all, what is a romance novel without a happily ever after?

Cheyenne Meadows - Author Spotlight for Summer's Night

What can we expect from Summer’s Night? 

Summer’s Night will give readers a good look into Night’s personal life. He’s the creator and leader of the Wind Warriors. He’s also Native American, half Navajo and half Lakota. He’s a modern day warrior who will stop at nothing to protect the ones he cares for. 

Cheyenne Meadows - USA Today Feature

Three of my favorite fellow romance authors:

I have many favorite authors, but there is a handful that I will eagerly await every new release with bated breath and get my pre-order in early. All three are big names in the business and deservedly so.

Cheyenne Meadows - Three Things for USA Today

My three favorite desserts?

Hmmm. One of my favorite subjects, but narrowing down to three is hard. Let's see.

• Ice cream has to top the list. Pretty much any flavor, from old-fashioned vanilla to bunny tracks, I'll eat just about anything. Soft serve, hard scoop, bring it on!

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