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Katy Swann - BTS feature

When I started plotting the story for my new book I was so full of ideas that I couldn’t get them down quickly enough. I had pages and pages of notes, knew exactly how the story would unfold and had a clear image of the characters in my head. I couldn’t wait to get started. At first everything was fine. The first few chapters almost wrote themselves and I quickly became drawn into the story. And then I hit a brick wall – writer’s block.

Katy Swann - Fresh Fiction feature

I sort of stumbled into writing erotic romance. I had initially only intended to write one erotic short story just to prove to myself that I could write something a bit naughty.

Katy Swann - Female First Feature

Katy Swann discusses BDSM with Female First.


Katy Swann - Rude Magazine feature

I, like so many others, went to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with great anticipation.  I went with an open mind, aware of all the criticism, but wanting to form my own opinion and, despite the bad reviews, I enjoyed it. 

Katy Swann - Blog Tour stop with Butterfly-o-meter

Someone asked me recently what inspired me to write my latest book, Dominion, The Ultimatum and I had to give it some serious thought. It’s funny, once a hint of a thought takes hold it seems to develop a life of its own and, after a while, it can become hard to remember what the original idea had been.

Katy Swann - USA Today feature

My three favourite vacation destinations are:

• New York. This has to be the most vibrant city I've ever been to. It's got a heart and soul that welcomed us with open arms and I can't wait to go back.

Katy Swann - Interview for To Love and Submit

This is your first erotic novel so was this process anything like you thought it would be?


To be honest I didn’t really have any expectations as the books came about almost by accident.  As I said before I hadn’t originally intended to write a full length novel — it just happened.  I thought I might have been a bit embarrassed about writing the explicit sex scenes but actually, it’s not been a problem at all.  One minute I can be writing a scene where the heroine is tied to a St. Andrew’s cross being flogged by a masterful Dom and the next I can be chatting to another parent about school dinners or something equally mundane.


Katy Swann - Interview about The Ultimatum

Katy Swann - Interview about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon

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