Crissy Smith

Crissy Smith lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three Labrador retrievers. The three dogs love to curl up under her computer desk and nap while she writes. It doesn't leave a lot of room for her but what's a woman to do?

When not writing or reading, she enjoys hunting, camping and shooting. But she has a girly side too and is addicted to pedicures and coffee.

She has been writing since she was a teenager and still loves everything to do with the paranormal. Her stories and characters all have a place in her heart. She loves the alpha male, the dominant werewolf, or the Master vampire which find their way in most of her books.

Learn more about the characters she has created at her website where they have their very own page. It will be updated from time to time to let you know what's going on with them. You can also find out who will be in the next book.

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Crissy Smith - Fresh Fiction Article

To me, shifter love is intense, commanding, and all consuming. When you have heightened senses it makes sense to me that everything you do is just that much more intense. So when a shifter falls in love, whether with a human or another shifter, it’s all about the passion and connecting.

That is why I love writing about shifters.

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Crissy Smith - Contemporary Romance Cafe

Put a hot wolf shifter detective together with a sassy human EMT and sparks will fly.

The description above is the best way I think to introduce you to Cooper and Julie, the two main characters of Pack Balance: Were Chronicles Book 13.

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Reviews (7)

M�nages are author Crissy Smith's specialty. The first story in this series really set the bar because it was my all time favorite m�nage, and maybe even favorite erotic story. I am hap...

Really enjoyable and hot absolutely recommendable

This is a sexy story, very much a fantasy come true for the heroine, and I found it to be a quick and entertaining read...If you are looking for a quick sexy read with heroes who are just as int...

I couldn't resist this story...This is a fast paced, short look into the lives of the three people who become mates.

...a wonderful follow up in her Corporate Wolves Series...a pleasure to read...

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