Keira Ramsay

I'm a great believer in Fate. Yeah, with a capital ?F?. And I write in those terms. Why? Probably because my beloved husband said he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. You might ask if it was a two-way gig… In a word, uh-uh. Not that he wasn't fine to the extreme, but I wasn't looking for forever…more of a fun vacation experience. Yeah, so now we've muddled our way through over twenty years of marriage, and I have to admit to his superior intuition on that one!!

So, if you're looking for an Alpha hero who just happens to "know" his life-mate when he sees them, don't be overly surprised.

I write paranormal romance as TL Schaefer and erotic romance as Keira Ramsay. Why the split personality? Because I started out as TL Schaefer, and didn't want to confuse the heck out of the folks who loved that stuff when I went to the "dark side".

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