Courtney Breazile

I read, write and soak up the sun…well, as much as possible in the cold north of Idaho. I live with my beautiful daughter and fat cat. I write for the pleasure it brings me and hope that it will bring as much pleasure to whoever reads it.

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Courtney Breazile weaves a sweet love story into a fight to restore the missing magic of the fairy kingdom. Passed from body to body, the magic searches for the perfect person to keep it safe.....

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Wow i have unread messages from 2016...I guess it's been a while!
 Tweeted 14/10/2018 02:24
It's back up and running! Needs some major updating...but at least its not a blank page anymore....
 Tweeted 27/12/2016 18:17
Trying to deal with my website not working...ugh beyond frustrating!!
 Tweeted 27/12/2016 17:50
Watching the goosebumps movie and all I can think about is. ...what if all the characters I've written came to...
 Tweeted 02/02/2016 02:39
Did some website updating!
 Tweeted 02/06/2015 23:50

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