Xondra Day

Xondra Day is a lover of all things romantic. When not penning her next work, you can find her indulging in her love of photography and many other hobbies. She can be reached at

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Reviewed by Markie: When photos appear on a celebrity blogger's site showing superstar Mark Hunter in the arms of another man, he has two choices to make. He can either deny everything, or come ...

Xondra Day's, Men of Buckshot Ranch series, is set during the late 1880s in Montana, a time when it was even more dangerous to be gay than it is today. Once Will is introduce into the...


If you like sweet stories about rent boys making good and superstars finding true love, if you enjoy reading about instant physical attraction quickly leading to more, and if you're looking for ...

Treat yourself and indulge in the first book of a series that promises to be a damn good ride.


Want to get yourself all in a tizzy while at the same time raising your fisted hand in support of two men who are clearly made for one another? Then buy Star Treatment.

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