Lily Michaels

Coffee, chocolate, and books make up Lily’s world, often all three at the same time. Whether reading or writing she is a sucker for an over-the-top happily ever after… only following an appropriate amount of pain, of course.

When she is not writing or reading (which is not very often) she enjoys exercising her right brain in non authorly ways such as creating mosaics, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, and taking one man’s trash to create something new. But never, ever ask her to draw something. That is a beast best left alone.

You can find Lily on her website here, and follow her on Pinterest and Instagram.

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RT @EvieDrae: Thank you so, so much to Amy at @amydufera2 for this lovely #bookreview. Her words made my heart sing!! 💕😍🌈 #writeLGBTQ #amw…
 Tweeted 21/08/2019 01:31
RT @AuthorMekaJames: So happy to see all the love @EvieDrae is getting with her #Debut book!!! Check out the review 👇🏿And buy it already!!!…
 Tweeted 21/08/2019 01:30
Just in case you've been living under a rock, today is #EvieDraeRelease day! The #debut #mmromance…
 Tweeted 21/08/2019 00:30
RT @EvieDrae: #TMW your boss has your book in hand and will be #amreading it in the near future. And by boss, I mean my nursing supervisor…
 Tweeted 21/08/2019 00:14

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