Eyes Wide Open Exclusive

Pride Publishing talks to Lucy Felthouse about her new addition to the Totally Five Star imprint, London: Eyes Wide Open.


What can we expect from Eyes Wide Open? 

Eyes Wide Open is an MMF BDSM erotic romance novel. It tells the story of a recent graduate, Fiona, who has moved to London in order to start her career. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple, and it takes a while before she’s making steps in the right direction. But when she does, her life changes massively, and not just in the job department…


Fiona leaves university and is unsure of her direction, it is only by chance that she meets Logan and James. Did you want to include fated meetings in this story?

No, not necessarily. Honestly, when I’m plotting or writing, I don’t think too deeply. I just let whatever’s in my brain flow out, and generally the characters lead the way, and I follow, typing hurriedly!


Fiona flourishes in her role at T5S, is it important for you to write about empowered women?

Yes, because it’s what I know best. I myself am a determined and ambitious person, so it just feels natural for me to write women this way. Fiona finding her way from her degree to her career is kind of similar to the path I took, in a way...


Your heroine feels as if the men are ‘out of her league’. Is it important for you to show how nothing is out of grasp?

Fiona’s shy and a little self-conscious. So it’s not necessarily that she feels she isn’t good enough or that she’s negative about herself, more that she’s quite naive and it wouldn’t occur to her that James and Logan would be interested in her. I envision her as gorgeous (think Emily Bett-Rickards) so it’s easy to see why they’d find her attractive. In terms of showing that nothing is out of grasp, I think that is probably a mixture of mine and Fiona’s personalities... we definitely lean towards positivity and hard work, so hopefully we’ll both go far! ;)


How did you find fitting in a third participant into an already established couple?

I must admit I do find that tricky when writing ménages. In this case, without giving too much away, this element of it was very much driven by James and Logan, and I got the impression that they weren’t entirely sure how it would all work out, but that Fiona was important enough to them to try.


Are there any genres you want to venture into in the future?

One of the many reasons I enjoy writing erotica and erotic romance is that you can play with lots of genres within that. I’ve written contemporary, paranormal, BDSM, a mystery/thriller... the list goes on. I quite like the idea of writing a spy thriller. I actually came up with an idea for one recently—though it’d definitely still be classed as erotic romance, too. Now I’ve just got to find the time to write it!


What can we expect from you next with Totally Entwined Group? 

My M/F spanking story, Properly, Or Not At All, will appear as part of the Over the Knee anthology on 16th October with Totally Bound. It’ll then be released as a standalone story on the 4th December. After that... who knows? It depends where my Muse leads me next... ;)


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