Snake's Pride

By L.A. Day

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Book Description
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Pride won’t stop Snake from submitting to the alpha male.

Snake prides himself on his reputation as a tough biker until he finds out his best friend is bisexual. Accepting Spade’s choices enables Snake to explore his long-denied desires. For years, Snake has been attracted to Ruger, a biker from another club. It’s an attraction that will never be returned because Ruger is straight. Even if he wasn’t, he’s always disliked Snake.

Snake decides to act on his curiosity and goes to a gay club. To his surprise, he runs into Ruger. Sparks fly between the two alpha bikers, but Snake quickly realizes Ruger is a dominant male.

Snake lusts for Ruger but isn’t sure he can submit to the other man. Snake’s heart won’t let pride stand in the way and he realizes submission doesn’t make him less of a man.

Snake and Ruger must navigate a new relationship and battle club members that aren’t pleased to discover their sexual orientation. Inclusion Motorcycle Club is gaining members, but it’s also gaining enemies.


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, injury, and homophobia.

General Release Date: 8th August 2023

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-299-6
Word Count: 11,203
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 54

About the author
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L.A. Day

L.A. Day is a multi-published author of erotic romances. Her heroes might be bikers, shifters, vampires, aliens, time-travelers, barbarians, billionaires, or CEO's but they are always strong, assertive men! Her heroines might be tough or submissive but they are always sassy, funny, and sarcastic. In real life, Laura is a wife, mother, and dog lover. She loves to collect pottery and you can often find her at antique and resale shops. Her friends are often SHOCKED that their seemingly sweet friend writes dirty books.

Follow L.A. Day on Instagram and check out her website.

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