Me and You Two

By Ash Penn

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Dean’s not into relationships and Pieter’s already in one. Phoenix doesn’t know what he wants, but he’s pretty sure it’s Dean. How’s this going to work, exactly?

Ever since dropping out of high school, Dean Garner has lived down to his estranged family’s expectations. Enjoying a quiet, if decadent, life as a barman in one of his parents’ holiday parks, he romances whoever takes his fancy. The affairs are brief, frequent and empty. That suits Dean, who has had his heart broken once and doesn’t intend to let it happen again.

When Pieter Croft enters his life, Dean’s happy that he’s met someone equally casual when it comes to sex. But as they grow closer, Dean can’t deny he’d like to get to know the mysterious Pieter a little better.

Tracking down where Pieter lives is easy, but what Dean finds when he gets there is…complicated.

Pieter has a secret. A secret called Phoenix. While Phoenix is everything to Pieter, Dean can’t decide if he’s a blessing or a curse. The one thing he does know is that the two of them are inseparable. If he wants Pieter, he’s going to have to take on Phoenix, too.

General Release Date: 1st January 2019

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78651-695-4
Word Count: 57,687
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 246

About the author
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Ash Penn

I've written stories about men loving men for as long as I can remember. In the days before computers and the internet, I used to hide my stories away convinced there was no market for women who wrote gay male fiction. Fast forward a few years (okay, quite a few years) and there's not only a market, but a whole empire out there for writers like me. I'm thrilled to be able to contribute my stories and take pride in what I write.

Many of my characters enjoy making my life as difficult as possible by refusing to take the easy pathway to love. They prefer to swagger through the undergrowth and laugh at me as I point at my story outline and demand they get back on the route I painstakingly mapped out.

Lately I've discovered it's far easier to let them dictate what happens and when, although I do get my revenge when it comes to giving them an undesirable trait or two to contend with. My characters are as flawed as their love lives, but they will usually find a kind of imperfect perfection in each other by the time I type 'The End'.

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