Hard Case

By Elizabeth Lapthorne

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Book Description
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Troy has been recovering from an injury and is going crazy. Steven—one of the nurses helping him—has caught his attention in every way. When both men are dragged into a government conspiracy thanks to the consulting work Troy does, the men get thrown into a life-altering, intimate situation where the only way out is to rely on each other fully.

Troy Price has been recovering in the hospital. One of the Triage nurses, Steven Thompson, has caught his eye. Drawn into his consultancy work, Troy finds himself in way over his head. Steven, intrigued and protective, stumbles along with him.

All too soon Troy and Steven are dragged into the murky world of back stabbing, double dealing and where nothing anyone says is really how it seems. By the time they realize Troy’s contact may have double crossed them from the start—and sent two assassins after them and a parliament official—things spiral rapidly out of control.

Troy and Steven need to work together, fast, to try to find out what’s really going on. With danger lurking around every turn and with death the only easy way to defend oneself, Troy and Steven have to rely on each other and trust one another as never before.

Publisher's Note: This book is related to The Agency series but can be read as a standalone title.


General Release Date: 27th February 2015

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-427-0
Word Count: 30,138
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 86

About the author
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Elizabeth Lapthorne

Elizabeth Lapthorne has been writing professionally since 2002. She has a number of books released and is continually surprised by how much fun she has starting a new book and discovering new characters and situations that they put themselves in. She enjoys going to the gym (usually to chew over her latest problem scene), is rarely without a partially read book and has a weakness for chocolate.

Elizabeth loves to hear from her fans and checks her email religiously.

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  Reviewed by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This quick 93 page read deals with intrigue, government cover up and love. It’s a fast paced who-done-it that is pretty easy to follow and solve, but the characters...

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