Don't Judge a Book…

By Scarlet Blackwell

Sexy Snax collection (Book #12)

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Book Description
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Opposites attract in the most passionate of ways.

Bookworm Rhys Middleton lives in the idyllic town of Hawks Bridge and spends his days working at the local library, his evenings quietly reading. He thinks it’s all about books and even the occasional interruption ‘real life’ throws his way cannot change his beliefs.

It’s a rude awakening for him when car thief Darren Dewhirst arrives to do his community service, turning Rhys’ world upside down. Rhys thinks the man is uneducated, only to find him reading classics. He expects him to behave like the criminal he is, only Darren doesn’t. Rhys isn’t exactly out and proud, while Darren is in denial about his sexuality and hangs around with the sort of people who wouldn’t tolerate a relationship between him and Rhys.

They are wrong for each other on so many levels, yet rejection only makes the need greater…

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and sexual assault.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.


General Release Date: 19th September 2014

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-206-1
Word Count: 17,510
Language: English
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 60

About the author
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Scarlet Blackwell

Scarlet likes cats and hats and firmly believes that the only thing better than one attractive man is two attractive men.

Reviews (3)
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  Reviewed by The Jeep Diva

What a delightful little read. I liked these two.  They each had things in their lives that they had to overcome – like huge chips on their shoulders.  As “true love” will, they brough...

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  Reviewed by Rainbow Book Reviews

The encounters of these two men are explosive–in every sense and on every level. Their banter is fun, the sex they have is hot, and their relationship extremely stormy. All of that makes it all the more...

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Scarlet Blackwell - Female First Post

Why I write gay romance

I wasn’t so different from other man on man or m/m authors in that I came to it via fanfiction. I became intrigued by the rumours surrounding two members of one of my favourite bands. Because they are both hot, I was titillated rather than disturbed by the idea that they might be sleeping together. I was shocked though when I found stories about them on the internet. For all of two minutes. Then I wanted to try my hand at it because I really wanted to write these two gorgeous men together as I imagined them to be.

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