Desperate Looks Good on You

By Gin Vane

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Colt Harkan isn't police anymore, but apparently, he's the only person who cares about this case. Four years after his last night in Mason, Colt comes back to town--for new leads and evidence. Not for Detective Kane at all. 

Because Everett had his chance to act like any of this mattered, and Colt refuses to be deterred by lingering, personal memories. Colt's previous weakness has nothing to do with why he's here. He just needs to talk to the major. Ask around on the leads he's found. 

He believes it fine until a run-in with his past makes Colt face the truth--being back in Mason was bound to be more than he bargained for. Just like everything with Everett.

A prequel to From Bad to Worse

General Release Date: 1st August 2022

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
Word Count: 2,336
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 14

About the author
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Gin Vane

Gin Vane is your friendly neighborhood bisexual she / they, deconstructing heteronormativity one queer romance at a time.

As a lifelong reader of the genre, Gin refuses to compromise plot for spice and lives by the motto “por que no los dos?” Gin primarily writes MM and MMF, though she enjoys reading and writing lesbian romance as well. Gin lives for the slow-burn that scalds and loves a good character redemption arc. Their novels are always full of heat and often include elements of polyamory and BDSM.

When not at the writing desk, Gin can be found dancing at their pole and circus studio, knitting beside the most perfect cat, watching crime shows and Brit coms with her husband or cooking dinner with friends and partners.

Follow Gin on Instagram and TikTok.

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