At All Costs

By Simone Anderson

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Sometimes the price is too steep.

Riley James Hamilton, RJ to his friends, is in New Orleans for a last vacation with his best friends before they each head off to pursue their own careers. Riley is destined to work in his family’s company.  A position he doesn’t want and can’t refuse. During a night of drinking, an Army Veteran he’d fought with earlier in the day saves him from would be kidnappers and in the process, Riley finds his world turned upside down. Riley has always considered himself straight, knowing his family wouldn’t allow anything else. When he finds himself having to pretend to be gay in order to stay alive, he also has to confront the reality of his life.

Kaden Tennison is an intelligence officer tasked with protecting the only son of a wealthy business man, at all costs. What should be a simple bodyguard assignment turns out to be anything but. Unsure who he can trust, the pair embark on a cross country road trip to find out who is after Riley, and more importantly, why. Kaden denies their burgeoning relationship, knowing that at all costs sometimes means sometimes the price is simply too steep.

General Release Date: 10th November 2020

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-083-1
Word Count: 109,000
Language: English

About the author
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Simone Anderson

Simone currently lives in west Michigan with her family and two cats. She has lived in and traveled to dozens of states and countries, including spending four years in Japan. She has been writing all of her life, seriously only after returning to Michigan.

A lifelong learner, she still takes classes in a variety of subjects and wants her very own library. When not writing she can be found sewing, quilting, taking photographs, and reading.

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