Editor Jamie chooses A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss by Destiny Moon

Posted by Charlotte Kirton on 26th August 2015


Editor’s Choice:  A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss by Destiny Moon

This week Editor Jamie has chosen Destiny Moon’s new lesbian erotic romance release, A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss, to be our editor’s pick. With the Pride celebrations providing the perfect backdrop to this book, Destiny Moon has created a fantastic story about going after what you desire, even if it means taking a risk.

Follow the wonderful relationship between Rachel and Mavis, two passionate and proud women, in this spicy short read.

Here’s what Editor Jamie has to say about A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss:

“So many of us can identify with loving someone from afar, wanting that seemingly unattainable person. That's happening to Rachel, who has had feelings for and dreamed about Mavis, the barista at the coffee shop next door to her favorite GLBTQ bookshop. But only the luckiest among us has experienced the feeling of discovering that the person you want has also secretly wanted you. So if you've been one of the lucky ones--or if you just want to live vicariously through that thrill of discovery--you will enjoy Rachel's and Mavis' story of finding love where you'd always dreamed but never expected it to be in A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss.”

Blurb for A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss:

On Pride morning, bookish and reserved Rachel musters the courage to talk to her barista crush, only to discover she’s not alone in her desires.

Where does an introverted bookish dyke hang out on Pride morning? Her local LGBTQ bookstore, of course. While helping to put together the store’s annual float for the parade, Rachel reveals that she has a crush on the barista at the coffee shop next door.

The bookstore gang encourages Rachel to step out of her comfort zone and talk to the barista, even though Rachel is convinced she must have a boyfriend. Much to her surprise, the girl flirts with her and even shows up at the bookstore on her coffee break, where she introduces herself as Mavis. In spite of her shyness, Rachel lays bare that she has had a crush on Mavis for some time and Mavis—to everyone’s surprise—wants to know what Rachel is doing after the parade.

Beside herself with disbelief, Rachel skips through the parade. She is so unsure of herself and the new connection with Mavis and she’s convinced that Mavis is straight. When Mavis confesses she has never been with a woman, Rachel must face her worst fear—that she was right. But it doesn’t take long for Mavis to convince Rachel that she’s up for a new experience.

Rachel doesn’t want to be an experiment and she has a hard time trusting that Mavis wants more than just a bit of fun on Pride. Can she take the leap of faith so necessary in taking their connection to the next level?


Get your copy of A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss here.

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