Blood Winter by S.J. Coles

Posted by Claire Siemaszkiewicz on 9th November 2020


Greetings to you all! I’m absolutely tickled pink to be doing my first ever blog post for Pride Publishing and also to able to bring you all the details of my FIRST EVER upcoming release – Blood Winter, a M/M Paranormal Romance set in Scotland - is due for release by Pride Publishing 29th Dec 2020!

I’m so, so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to bring this story to the world. I’ve read & loved M/M Romance for many, many years, starting with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles at the tender age of 13. Now I devour the works of the contemporary mystery/suspense LGBTQ Romance masters K. J. Charles & Josh Lanyon and many more. I find the complex and, sometimes, more challenging obstacles a M/M relationship has to conquer in order to succeed often allows for truly unique, dramatic and exciting story lines and it has long been a dream to try my own hand at my own.

To now know I have one that will soon be released to make its own way amongst the authors and novels I’ve loved for some many years is truly a dream come true.

Writing Blood Winter, a story set during a time in which vampires are attempting to integrate into human society, was definitely fun, if sometimes fraught. I wanted the themes of discrimination and acceptance in there to add emotional depth and realism. I wanted to hold a mirror to some of the problems in society today so that Alec and Terje’s plight might resonate, but with enough distance from real issues so the book could still be enjoyed as escapism.

Whatever the politically charged backdrop to the story however, the focus, of course, is on the central romantic storyline between Alec, forgotten laird and jaded recluse, and Terje, a ‘heamophile’ victim of human hate crime. There is doubt, fear, passion, darkness and danger, obstacles to overcome and threats to face before they can truly decide what they really need and want from each other. Before the story is over, both characters will discover a lot about themselves as well as what people are capable of when they’re scared.

I literally cannot wait to share this story with you all and sincerely you get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did writing it.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Pride Publishing, the Totally Entwined Publishing Group and editor Jamie who helped make this story the best if could be!

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Also check out the book’s official page on Pride Publishing here! (Blood Winter - S. J. Coles)

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