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Posted by Charlotte Kirton on 20th July 2015

Exciting features on the Pride Publishing website...


We hope you're enjoying everything Pride Publishing has to offer. Just in case you missed a few special features about our website, we'd like to let you know about some of the perks of shopping with Pride!


Are you unsure what to read next? Head over to our Booklists page to see our ‘playlists’ of titles. These are essentially lists of books which feature a common theme throughout. Are you a fan of MM Cowboy and Western titles? We’ve got a booklist entirely focussed on the heat and thrills of the Wild West! Searching for future reads is now easier than ever. 

An account tailored to you

Your Pride Publishing account will become highly personalised. It will remember your genre preferences and automatically recommend new reads to you. There will also be plenty of tailored discounts to suit your reading preferences which are exclusively presented to you upon checkout. 

Reward scheme!

At Pride Publishing we want to reward our loyal customers and making shopping with us even better! Our new scheme means that for every nine books you purchase, you’ll receive the tenth free! 


We’d like our Pride Publishing blog to become your go-to destination for news and updates about our titles and GLBTQI fiction as a whole. There will be guest posts from your favourite authors, interviews with readers and reviewers (let us know if you’d like to get involved!), featured bestsellers, fun articles and industry news. 

If there’s anything else you’d like us to write about, email our Marketing Assistant Charlotte Kirton ( and our team will get researching for you! 

Special Editions!

Each month one of our authors will be releasing Special Editions of some of their top titles. These new editions will have extra content, whether it's extra chapters, an epilogue or extra scenes throughout. This month's Special Editions author is bestselling MM author Carol Lynne! We'll be celebrating with various discounts and features throughout July, so watch this space!


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