Senior Editor Sarah chooses Deathtrap by LM Somerton

Posted by Charlotte Kirton on 17th July 2015

Editor’s Choice: Deathtrap by LM Somerton

LM Somerton takes us to the heat of southern Arizona in her motorcycle club series, The Wyverns. Deathtrap surrounds the explosive connection between D/s lovers Rogue and Orlando de la Pena, and their fight to keep their relationship a priority when The Wyverns club becomes under siege. Rogue sets out to make sure that his beloved sub, and The Wyverns club, remain safe.

Deathtrap continues The Wyverns series perfectly. It’s gripping, sexy and we’re sure it’ll leave you addicted to bad-boy biker stories! What could be better than bringing together the intense thrills of BDSM with the action and tough alpha male characters that dominate motorcycle clubs?

Here’s what Senior Editor Sarah has to say about Deathtrap:

“What I love most about L.M. Somerton is her ability to write characters who are so relatable you can’t help but instantly fall in love with them. Even the people in the hardened gang of The Wyverns have unique traits that put a spotlight on their softer centers. Since you will have already found a place in your heart for the characters in book one, Mantrap, the events that occur in Deathtrap are sure to keep you gripped like nothing else. I guarantee you won’t be able to put this one down. Rogue is the perfect Dom—rough around the edges, domineering and yet intuitive and caring of Orlando’s every need. Orlando is such a likable character, you’ll be right there with him every single step of the way. And what incredible steps there are to be taken on this journey!”

Blurb for Deathtrap:

A man without scars never had to fight for something he believed in.

A new relationship takes time and effort. A new relationship with Orlando de la Pena takes a whole lot more. As a Dom, Rogue knows what he wants, but Orlando refuses to fit neatly into the box labeled ‘submissive’. He’s feisty, demanding and far too pretty for his own good.

Orlando loves Rogue and he’s learning to love The Wyverns, but he hates being stuck out in the desert. Finding a niche in the world of bikes and fierce warriors is difficult, and Orlando’s impatience gets the better of him. He walks out into the desert and runs in to an antisocial diamondback.

Rogue has more than one problem to deal with. The Longhorns MC issues a challenge for territory. The Bellazi cartel is out for Wyvern blood. The Wyverns are under siege, and Rogue has to work out how to save not just Orlando, but all of them.

Reader Advisory: This books contains scenes of mild BDSM.

Blurb for The Wyverns Series

With a reputation akin to a nest of pit vipers with attitude, The Wyverns raise hell and leave chaos in their wake. Forced together because the alternatives are worse, they form the ultimate dysfunctional family. But how did this bunch of badass bikers end up baking in the arid heat of southern Arizona?

Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a biker by the patches on his leathers. Behind the intimidating façade, The Wyverns are organised, intelligent and committed to relieving the cartels of their wealth. Ejected from various branches of law enforcement and the military, they share a healthy disregard for authority and a collective appreciation of the male anatomy. They also have the skills to make crime pay—talents recognised by the shady, manipulative bastard called Trap who pulls their strings from behind the scenes.

The Wyverns are expendable. Surviving in their world takes guts and gritty determination. Little wonder that the attractions of BDSM appeal to men that live their lives on a knife-edge. But even those who crave the adrenaline rush of danger search for the one elusive soul mate that makes life worth living. This series follows the members of The Wyverns as they risk everything for love.

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