HK Carlton

H-K lives in Canada with her hard-working hubby. She has two very handsome grown sons and a beautiful teenage daughter.

She has been an avid reader all her life. Her first love is historical romance so it would come as no surprise that her favourite book of all time is Jane Eyre. But she'll read almost anything that captures her attention and imagination. She loves nothing more than to find a good book that she can't put down. She is a hopeless romantic and prefers happy endings.

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Reviews (3)

This may be really short, but it manages to pack a punch – both romantically, and also with the mafia plot. The descriptions of the onstage dance between Carly and Vivi is super hot, and ...

This was a super hot read that explores menage, f/f, f/m/f and m/f to a tee. Super smoking hot with some risky behaviors (drinking and following strange people home) leads to all kinds of erotic...

This was an interesting read...The story between Kate and Carly was very interesting and fun to follow along with.  I really liked the fast pace of the story.

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