A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss Exclusive

Destiny Moon talks to Pride Publishing about her new release, A Kiss is A Kiss is a Kiss.


What can we expect from A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss? 

I hope my readers will enjoy this fun and festive story that explores initial sparks. If you’ve ever had a crush on a cute bookshop attendant or a barista in your local neighbourhood cafe, you will likely identify with the characters in this story. The story is told from Rachel’s perspective and she is quite shy so she has to overcome some sizeable fears just to gather up the nerve to talk to her crush, but she sure gets rewarded for her bravery.


Why did you choose to set this story during a Pride event? 

I find Pride to be such a delightful, over-the-top time in most cities. It’s full of partiers and people being loud and fabulous. I really wanted to explore what happens between introverts with Pride as a backdrop. I’ve also noticed that Pride is one of those events that gives license to people of all sexualities to express themselves freely. It’s a time when a straight woman can kiss a lesbian all in good fun. But the challenge for Rachel is that she doesn’t want to be Mavis’s fun experience. She wants more.


Mavis has never been with a woman before. Did you enjoy exploring her as she discovered her own sexuality? 

Definitely. Mavis was a fun character to write because she is in the process of self-discovery. Women’s sexuality, even more than men’s, is fluid and women are likely to explore new elements of desire as they become comfortable in their own skin. Mavis is at that point where she is accomplished in her career as a classical musician (who also works at a coffee shop), and she likes her life. Both characters are mature and know themselves, but Mavis is seeing this new aspect of her sexuality for the first time. I found it delightful to write her.



How did you find exploring the different dynamics within a lesbian relationship?   

Great! In my experience, women express themselves differently with each other than with men. The attraction also tends to be different. For example, Rachel is really hot for Mavis because she plays the cello and is into Gertrude Stein. There is, of course, a physical attraction, but the characters are drawn to each other for deeper reasons too. Plus there’s a whole introvert-artist thing going on, too.


What can we expect from you next with Pride Publishing?

I’m working on some new material for Pride Publishing. In the mean time, I have a few new titles coming out with Totally Bound. I’m very excited about them as well. 


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A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss is available to buy now:

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