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The Dreaming Series

Jaime Samms, Sarah Masters

The Dreaming is about saving lives. At least, that's what those blessed with the "gift" tell themselves. It's all they can tell themselves to combat the horrors waiting for them every time they close their eyes.

He has risen to power within the ranks of the Dreamers and has no intention of giving up that power. Somewhere on the edge of his realm, however, he can feel he isn't the only one able to direct the dreams of those blessed, and slowly, his operatives are falling victim to a madness that drives them to kill outside the bounds of justice.

Unable to combat the threat on his own, he must rely on the loyalty of half-demon Dream Master, Rivald, and a handful of untried human Dreamers to help him root out the source and destroy it…before The Dreaming is forever corrupted and innocents left to the mercy of maddened killers.

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