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Southern Awakenings Series

Gin Vane

Southern Awakenings is a five-book series of murder mysteries and family secrets that weave through M/M and MMF romances. Set in fictional Mason, Louisiana, the characters navigate religious upbringings, family expectations, Southern culture, and their own internalized truths to make space for their chosen relationships.

Recurring themes of the Southern Awakenings series are compulsory heterosexuality, toxic masculinity, bisexuality, coming out, addiction, coping with mental illness, neurodiversity and trauma, nontraditional relationship structures (polyamory, BDSM/kink), and chosen family. The main characters of each novel make appearances throughout the series, though each can be read as a stand-alone story.

Southern Awakenings is written in third-person from multiple points of view. The series features nonlinear storytelling, dynamic plots, and explicit character-driven intimacy. 

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