Reasonable Doubt

Mia Watts

Customer & Industry Reviews of Reasonable Doubt

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  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

Once again Mia Watts just amazes me. It was really great seeing how their relationship grew and the men themselves learned new things not only about their partner, but themselves.

The sex was hotter, the frustration was palpable and the conclusion was exciting. I can't wait to see where the next couple leads to!

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

Reasonable Doubt is everything you could hope for in a sequel...I literally screamed NO!" when I read the last word...I cannot wait for the next book in the Boys in Blue series!

  Review by Dark Diva Reviews

What a great sequel to Bad Boys, Bad Boys...As usual all the drama, sensuality and relationship issues are tempered with humor as only Ms. Watts can provide...The character development is first rate with complex plot lines that drive the story forward.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

...the author has packed a lot of romance, passion and a good dose of angst inside...and she's done it with flair, good character development and creativity

  Review by Rainbow Reviews

The combination of romance and eroticism in “Reasonable Doubt” creates the perfect sequel for Geo and Mack. I couldn't have asked for anything more...packed with emotion, romance, and hot sex. I hope Mia Watts will write more about these bo

  Review by Blackraven Reviews

Reasonable Doubt by Mia Watts is a book that has it all-humor, mystery, deliciously steamy sex scenes, a twinky godmother, two hot heroes who aren't afraid to let their emotions show, and a bitchy ex who gets what she deserves in the end.

  Review by Tamara

Read Mia Watts' Reasonable Doubt, and boy did I enjoy reading it! It's nice to read two men resolving their issue(s) without descending to heavy emo-type angst. Been reading too many M/M romance, I guess, and have come across the typical "seme/uke" (top/bottom) stereotype plus way over-the-top drama queen scenes! But it's not so with Mack and Geo, they still give off quite a macho vibe and they have an equal partnership on and off work. A very nice piece of realistic M/M romance. Definitely a refreshing read.

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