Stallion's Pride

Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason

Customer & Industry Reviews of Stallion's Pride

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  Review by Bitten by Books

Byrnes Mason has created a wonderful world filled with strong characters and a captivating story...Byrnes Mason has created an epic tale in a bite-sized serving in this delightful story. I will definitely be looking for more great reads from Byrnes Mas

  Review by Christina

Stallions Pride immerses you in the world of Brishen, the new king of the Horse Changelings, people who can transform into horses at will. From the death of his father at the beginning, to the awakening of his love for his best friend Jal, this book is beautifully written, switching very credibly from human to animal perspective. It oozes with romance and sex, every page hinting at the desire lurking beneath each character's outward appearance. The story focuses on Brishen, leader of the Horse tribe, and the difficulties he faces in reuniting his people. Alongside this it introduces the incredible leaders of the Cougar, Bear and Wolf tribes, three men so throbbing with erotic masculinity that they almost jump off the page at you. Every chapter and encounter between characters is filled with erotic possibility. The narrative is fast paced and keeps you riveted; I read this in one go without a break. You can feel the heat and smell the desire of the characters, all of which are believable and likeable which adds to the appeal of this story. The book is like an old fairy tale or legend. It has the feel of the old world, brought up to date with a lot of hot sex! I would recommend it to those who like romance and a happy ending alongside some hot and seriously naughty erotica!

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