Herringbone and Howls

Megan Slayer

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  Review by Ramona Keebler

Rory and Daniel share an explosive encounter at a club. Rory wanted more and kept returning hoping to see Daniel again. Rory was so beaten down by his brother that he was hardly able to function. When he does see Daniel again it’s an almost surreal experience. Rory made me sad. The author deftly showed his feelings of inadequacy and his perceived weaknesses. Daniel on the other hand came across as strong enough for both of them. I thought this really showed the differences in their upbringing. Rory’s bravery in confessing his brother’s nefarious scheme began his true growth and gave him the much needed faith in himself (even if it did take a while to materialize). Not sure how to rate this book. I liked Rory and Daniel and Rory’s brother was an adequate bad guy. There was just something off. Can’t define what it is so I’ll just have to give the book 3 stars. (This review is based on amazon review scale. Not sure how that translates here)

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